Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Fashion - Headwraps

             This fall, I've seen many headbands with glittery leaves on them, or simply a floral pattern. I liked these, but decided I wanted something a little more unique.
             When I found out that my mom was making these ADORABLE head wraps, I decided I had to share them with you! They are so perfect for any day, any season. They wrap around your head once, and then another time, the fabric crossing over itself.

NEW Turban Twist Headband - Purple Blue Black Aztek 
NEW Turban Twist Headband - Turquoise Blue and Black Stripe

I love how these headbands look edgy and cute. This head wrap is called a 'Turban Twist'. If you are interested in buying these headbands, CLICK HERE!!!!!

Written by Jacey

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hi! This is kind of a spinoff of Jacey's last post, but I've also gotten super into Polyvore and I wanted to share my newest designs with you! Here's the link: Also, this is my mom's account, so don't think that I've been on Polyvore for 6 years, I've actually been designing on the site for only... well, about half of that. Hope you like it!


(Oops, almost forgot! I'm turning 12 in 10 days!!!)